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I got a great deal on a Fisher space pen at last year’s National Stationery Show, and have been meaning to post my thoughts about it ever since. Online, I’ve learned they’re great for lab notebooks. Perfect for pockets. I have the “bullet” version, and it lives inside my bag.

The design itself is certainly impressive — smooth, nicely weighted, compact when capped but a comfortable length when opened. The space pen is a joy to hold.

It’s also fun to write with, and based on my own experiments, at least, it’s every bit as versatile as the manufacturer claims. Here are some experiments I did; click through to see larger images…

On Clairefontaine, holding the notebook in various positions:

On a wet piece of printer paper:

On kleenex:

And finally, on my hand:

That the pen writes in zero-gravity I’ll have to take on faith. Meanwhile, have you heard that anecdote about how, during the space race, the Americans spent all this time developing a space pen, while the Soviets just used a pencil? Apparently, it’s not true… but a fun story nonetheless.

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  1. I work with an individual who refuses to use anything other than the Fisher Space pen. I’ve never been able to get into the feel of the pen personally, but different strokes for different folks I guess.

  2. it was my first non-traditional pen and I just didn’t “get it.” I stopped using it within a couple months. Mine was dry when you first start using it after it’s not been used for an hour or so. It was more frustrating that practical.

  3. I’m not a big fan of ballpoint pens anymore, but I used to love the Space Pens. They always worked and they came in very pocket-friendly sizes (some of them even have stylus tips). Now you’ve inspired me to dig mine out and start using it again. Even though it’s been a few years, I suspect it will still work!

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