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We’re on Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr, and we’ve read a lot lately about Pinterest, the shareable virtual pinboard. Stephanie is already a fan, and I’ve had a lot of fun looking through the absolutely amazing paper creations that others have pinned to their boards, though I haven’t taken the plunge yet personally.

Do you use Pinterest? Would you welcome it as another way for us to share all the awesome things people do with our products and/or post our design inspirations?

10 thoughts on “Do you use Pinterest?

    • For people in retail it’s a difficult decision to choose. I was in discussion with a company that had read my blog post earlier this week. They can’t decide.

      From a marketing point of view it makes sense… but they do not like the T&Cs that signs over their IP to Pinterest…

      Looking back at the stats for Philofaxy we have had some visitors come from Pinterest, but we are talking 10’s of people over a month and the blog has over 1000 visits a day, so it is a very insignificant contributor to our traffic levels.

      I have no regrets about fighting to keep my content off of Pinterest.

  1. What Laurie said. Google is already overreaching into my private information.

    Lest anyone think it can’t happen to you, the Wikileak criminals posted all my personal information from STRATFOR, which I joined for research purposes as a writer. Since then my Hotmail account was hacked, all my private personal information is posted on boards frequented by criminals, I’ve had intrusive phone calls, I’ve had to change passwords everywhere, and the consequences of these criminals’ actions are still spreading. But you never hear about the little people like me when the grandiose and self-serving criminals post their brags.

    Why on earth would I want to expose myself more to a site that’s breaking the intellectual property law of virtually every country?!

    There comes a point when marketing is intrusive and the internet crossed that line a few years back. Now I spend much of my time cleaning up the consquences of professional marketers’ get rich quick schemes.

    Please don’t fall into this trap!

    Quality products come known by word of mouth. Trendy products over-hype frantically, may be the “buzz” for a short time, then vanish.

    There are better ways to get your products known.

    • I have not actually used Pinterest to any great extent yet, but had downloaded it onto my phone. I have been surprised at how many constant notifications I get from Pinterest all day long. I also found that when I went to play some music on YouTube, somehow or another Pinterest got enmeshed in that too. How in the world do you type in music and instead of YouTube coming up something that’s got Pinterest all over it comes up. I just uninstalled it on my phone. Pinterest is way too intrusive and does not know when to quit. I have kicked them out of my phone.

  2. I am very much against Pinterest, for lots of reasons.

    First of all, as a blogger I’m against it for all the reason Steve listed in his excellent post. Handing over complete rights to photos I took to them seems insane. I have also stated on my blog specifically not to pin images from my blog on Pinterest, and have installed the code in my header to try to prevent it. Even so, I still find images of mine pinned.

    And as a person, I find Pinterest extremely intrusive. My sister is a member and invited me to join, and said I would love it. I love Flickr and Twitter, so I thought maybe I’d like Pinterest. First of all they require you to sign in using either a Twitter or Facebook account, which I found to be a huge invasion of my privacy and that of everyone I’m friends with on those sites. It gives Pinterest access to all of my content and contacts on those sites. But I continued on anyway.

    Then it made me choose from several categories of topics so that they would know “who I should follow.” What? Shouldn’t I be able to choose that? Even though none of the topics appealed to me, I chose one just to get started. Then suddenly I was following 50 people I didn’t know and wasn’t interested in!!!

    The final straw was when they wanted me to install a Pin button on my computer so that they could have access to everything on my computer. I mean, so I could “pin” things. That did it. I canceled my account.

    I found the whole thing at best intrusive and at worst possibly opening up my entire computer and its contents and all of my internet use to people I don’t know. No thanks!!!

    • I love what you said and the way you said it! It amazes me that there is so much ado about downloading and filesharing of A/V items, yet this website is allowed to exist and flourish. It seems an awful lot like Napster and their ilk. Of course, independent creators don’t have corporate America to come down in their favor 🙁

      I guess it’s still all about the benjamins, regardless of copyright or trademark . . .

  3. I’m a member, and while the demographic is almost entirely female, I find it is like YouTube. You go to check and see what’s there and I end up spending an hour.

    I think Interest would be a fantastic place for writing instrument and paper stuff. What a fantastic way to push the stuff that visually stimulates and interest you and others!

  4. I really enjoy browsing through Pinterest, though I don’t have an account. It’s nice looking at all of the beautiful (insert items here) people collect on a single page.

    And yes, I would absolutely enjoy looking through a Pinterest board from QV! I suppose I’m a very visual person in that respect.

  5. I have a Pinterest account, though I haven’t used it for much yet. It seems to be very popular right now, to the point that I’m hearing it’s a bit difficult to even get an invite. I do like the idea very much!

    Just FYI, I don’t know how true it is but there has been some buzz about copyright violation issues with regard to how Pinterest is set up – apparently repins lose the original attribution, which is causing some consternation. I don’t understand all the ins and outs, but thought I’d mention it.

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