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A few years ago, I discovered that my old Sapa X covers fit perfectly onto the smallest size of staplebound Clairefontaine notebooks. It was a particularly handy thing to know when I switched to the Space 17, and it got me wondering about other planner/notebook cover combinations.

Of course, it then took me a while to track down the covers and notebooks I needed to experiment with, and even longer to get off my duff and write up the results. Nonetheless! Here are the combinations that work:

  • Sapa X + small (3.5 x 5.5) staplebound Clairefontaine, pictured here
  • Visual + medium (6.5 x 8.25) staplebound Clairefontaine, pictured above and below
  • Visual + medium (6 x 8.25) clothbound Clairefontaine, which fits quite similarly to the previous combo, so I didn’t photograph it
  • Prenote + large (8.25 x 11.75) clothbound Clairefontaine, pictured below
  • Notor or Textagenda + Exacompta Forum journal, pictured below

And here are some more pictures, plus the combos that didn’t work…

Visual + staplebound Clairefontaine:

The Prenote + clothbound Clairefontaine:

The Notor/Texagenda + Exacompta forum journal:

Now for the combos that didn’t work. The Minister is a bit bigger than the Visual, and while it does hold a medium clothbound Clairefontaine, there’s a fair amount of extra space, so it’s not ideal. And I couldn’t find any notebooks that fit the covers of long, slim planners like the Space 17 and the IB Traveler.

Note that we don’t sell covers independently of their planners, but I know a lot of you experiment with different formats, and this is a great way to put those old covers to productive use.

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