Do you use your receipts and payments pages?

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Quo Vadis Minister Equology: Receipts and Payments pages

Now that 2011’s over, it won’t be long before we Americans, at least, need to start preparing our taxes. Unsurprisingly, it often makes things easier to track expenses and deductibles during the year rather than calculating them all at once, and everyone has a different method. I use an Excel spreadsheet marked with different categories, then stuff the receipts in a file.

Some of our planners, like the Trinote, offer dedicated “Receipts and payments” pages, which I imagine you might also be able adapt to that purpose. Or perhaps it’s more useful for small business owners, who have to track both incoming and outgoing funds. Either way, I — and a few of our readers, no doubt — would be curious to hear what people do with these pages… Do you use them? Alter them? Ignore them? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks to Laurie for the photo!

7 thoughts on “Do you use your receipts and payments pages?

    • Don’t worry, we don’t have any plans to get rid of them! We just get inquiries about how to use them every once in a while, and since neither Karen nor I does much with them, we figured it’d be a good question for the blog. What do you use them for?

  1. I don’t use them, and I cover them up with printed monthly calendars. I would love if these pages would be removed and monthly calendars added instead.

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