Pretty, pricey textile covers

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An eagle-eyed reader found these lovely paper cotton planner covers at Quo Vadis Japan. Also on the site: these handsome linen ones.

Unfortunately, since both are manufactured in Japan, they’re quite expensive to import. According to our product manager, Cecilia, a realistic retail price for the cotton covers is an eye-popping $32-50 US dollars, and $52-55 for the linen — without the planners, even! The yen is strong, and textile covers are subject to heavy taxes. On top of that, we’d have to pay an additional 5% to cover the Japanese taxes.

As always, though, if there’s enough interest, we could certainly try it. So here’s what I can tell you… the cotton covers are made of oil cloth and have a special interior pocket for business cards. They come in five colors: rose, sky, stone, chocolate, and lemon. The linen covers are hand-embroidered and also have a business card pocket. They come in red, blue, and gray. Both covers are refillable, and while I’m not sure which of our formats they fit, I can certainly try to find out if it makes a difference.

What do you think? Are they worth it?

7 thoughts on “Pretty, pricey textile covers

  1. That was me! From what I can see (without understanding Japanese) the covers of both the style shown here and the Japanese Equology line are made from fabric. Which ones are paper?

    I would not spend this much mostly due to the fact that I can make my own cover from either fabric or paper. If not, then I would consider buying one if it looks like good quality (i.e. actually refillable for the following year).

    Instead of importing the Japanese ones at this cost, why not have them made in the US for probably much less? This is not like the garment industry – covers are extremely simple and quick to make. Or how about providing more cover styles like the Basics line – made from durable cardboard, either flexible or stiff like the Habana line?

    • Yikes, you’re right – they are both technically fabric! I guess I read “cotton” and thought “paper.”

      Anyway, we can certainly look into making similar covers in the US, but I can’t promise anything; it’s not a matter of how simple it is to make one but how simple it is to make many, and I have no idea whether our factory here is configured to do such a thing. Not to mention the start-up costs of sourcing the materials, etc. But of course, I’ll keep you posted.

      Thanks, at any rate, for your interest!

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