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It doesn’t always happen immediately, but we do sometimes bring back discontinued products and give them another chance to succeed.

Of course, before we do, we need to make sure that people want to see the product return, and are passionate enough about it to actually make a purchase. So in honor of the coming new year, let me ask: what would you like to have back? A few items we’ve toyed around with:

  • Habana notebooks with white paperExacompta journey notebooks
  • Businessnote planners

16 thoughts on “Old products for the new year

  1. They weren’t discontinued as of this blog post, but the Habana planners need to come back! I much prefer the bound Textagenda to the refillable one and was sad to see that the new product lines no longer include the Habana as a cover for planners. Thanks!

  2. Leah,

    Not your remit, but we don’t have an equivalent here in the UK, if you have influence with Clairfontaine in France, please can you get them to bring back the Weekly Manager UK edition? It’s comparable to your Space 24 and was discontinued by France this year. A damnable shame. I prefer weekly planners, it was refillable, had great paper and was just the right size.

    I would have purchased a refill pack for 2012 but couldn’t. Since I won’t give up on desk-sized weekly planners I’ve had to purchase a Leuchtterm to occupy the role of my Weekly Manager, but I’d have preferred to have stuck with the real McCoy, since I’ve already come across a couple of things in the layout that I think QV does better.

    Hey ho. Here’s hoping I’ll be able to get a 2013 refill instead.

    Seasons greetings.

    • How frustrating, TubbyMike – I’m so sorry! I’m afraid we don’t have much say in the decisions that are made overseas, but I’d encourage you to write our French head of marketing and let him know what you think… his name is Wladimir Taranoff and his email is wtaranoff AT quovadis DOT eu.

      Fingers crossed for 2013!

    • Hi Tonya, so sorry for the late reply! The Businessnote and Business planners are the same size. We used to sell the Businessnote in the US, but dropped it due to lack of sales. Now it’s just sold in Europe.

      Hope this helps!

      • I miss the RAF Businessnote. Back when we had the choice, I chose the Businessnote over the Business and the also sadly departed smaller Trip because it was small and portable and I liked the open note space at the bottom of each day column. It was good for short notes on tasks or other things that didn’t have a fixed time and were tied to that day, and for timed events that ran after 9pm. I’d be glad to be able to buy one again.

        The smaller Japanese Quo Vadis Time & Life planner has some of the US holidays and a similar format, with full Sundays :), but the book is somewhat thicker, with a fixed spiral binding and info pages and movable notes pages. It’s also not for sale to the US, AFAIK. 🙁

        Going to try again with a Business for 2013.

  3. Exacompta journey notebooks, I think. Paper color doesn’t make too much difference for me, so I buy the Habanas anyway. The APB-1 planner is back, so I’m all set for that end, too.

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