Do you use your tear-off corners?

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I just made the switch to my 2012 Space 17, and as I was fitting the book into its cover, I started thinking about those little tear-off corners at the bottom of each page — the ones that help you flip straight to your page when you open the planner. I don’t particularly care for them (they’re too prone to excess tearing, in my clumsy hands), and I haven’t used them ever since I got an elastic bookmark.

However, they’re still admirable in their simplicity, and I suspect they must have their fans. What do you think? Do you use them?

21 thoughts on “Do you use your tear-off corners?

  1. Absolutely! Since I started nursing school I have used them regularly and I tear them off with great satisfaction that I made it through another week. I have a medium sized weekly planner (Principal) and I love it.

  2. I guess I’m alone in disliking them. They’re in my Rhodia planner, but I use a post-it flag instead and move it forward every week. The tear-off corners are too much trouble, and I dislike the messy look if I tear off the corners. Perhaps if they used micro perforation and were absolutely even on all the pages they wouldn’t look so bad. I’d rather have a ribbon marker.

  3. I tend to use them for a month or two and then get lazy or forgetful, and suddenly it’s September and I have six months’ worth to tear out at once, which rips the pages and makes a mess of paper. So, you’re definitely not alone in not liking them. I do always like them at first, though!

  4. Yes. I use the tear off on my Weekly Manager to go straight to the current week. Unfortunately, no UK Weekly Manager for 2012 (porquoi?) so it’s a Leuchterm for next year, but I suspect the paper won’t be as good as QV.

  5. OMG I hope you don’t discontinue these. I use my tear-off corners very methodically and don’t have a bit of trouble with them. My Space 24 didn’t even come with a bookmark, but I do have one and don’t like it nor have I ever figured out how to manage it anyway. The tear-off corners are elegant and very useful, without excess baggage. PLEASE keep them! Thanks so much for listening to us — one of the many reasons I love your company.

  6. I love the tear off corners, it is how I keep up to where I am in the year. However, I will say that I prefer the ones with the straight perforations (like in the scholar) and not the curved one as illustrated in the picture.

  7. I use the tear-off corners in weekly planners, because they are handy for turning directly to the current week. However, I don’t use them in day-per-page planners because I think the gap looks bad in the thicker book. I use some kind of bookmark instead.

  8. Oh no, is there consideration to discontinue this?

    Prior to switching to Quo Vadis, I used to use a Palm Pilot, and prior to that I’d carry around a pocket calendar. At one point, I tried using a larger monthly calendar (the kind you find in the pop-up seasonal stores if I couldn’t get one from the bank or drug store) I found that having a daily format was best for me and my activities because I use it to journal thoughts and ideas as well as noting my appointments and things to do.

    In 2007, I was doing report work for a doctor who had me keep a calendar at the desk, which I placed in an L-shaped metal copy holder (the kind you place a document or book to look at as you’re typing). He wanted to have both calendars populated with our appointments, so that I knew his schedule, and he knew mine with all the off-island trips, upcoming appointments and deadlines for submitting things like reports or license payments. I drew a pencil line down the center of the page, so that I could put my appointments and schedules in one column, and his would be in the other. He used his just as was, no line.

    He bought a Quo Vadis on his trip to a conference from the university bookstore nearby. Until then, he’d buy Day At A Glance, or Day Minder planners. I was immediately impressed with the rounded tear-off corners on the non-spiral bound pages. With the other brands, because the edges didn’t line up when they were closed (I’d close the planner, grab the spine and shake the pages with the spine facing up, to try to get the edge lined up). After about half way through the year,I found the greatest ease using the tear off corners – this simplified my life, and I could expedite turning to the current page after flipping in the book to input appointments and the like.

    I expressed my appreciation that he bought this brand of planner, and extolled the brilliance of his decision to purchase this, and exalted the glorious design with the removable insert, necessitating only purchasing a refill in the following years, unless he wanted to switch the look. I did not hesitate to inform everyone I saw using a different planner about the benefits of Quo Vadis over their current one. I was excited!

    Each year thereafter, around Thanksgiving when I thought the doctor would start to look for the next year’s planner, I would remind him how much I liked Quo Vadis. He is a man who likes to make sure the people around him are happy, and does what he can to make it so (diminishing grumbling he may be subject to). Unfortunately, there were no refills available at our local store. It was more economic for him to purchase (again) the Day Planner, much to my disappointment.

    I went to get my own, and have used it ever since, still drawing the line down the center of the page for myself and my child’s activities. The whole reason of my partiality to Quo Vadis is the rounded tear off tab, and then I got back into writing with a fountain pen, which enamored me with Quo Vadis even more.

    Please don’t remove this feature; there is no other brand that I have found that offers the whole design package as you do. I would be lost. Because it is a dated product, there would be no way I could stock up.

    • What a cool story – thanks for sharing! I’m sorry to hear that the refills are no longer available at your local store; unfortunately, that’s a story we hear increasingly often these days.

      But don’t worry, we’ve got no plans to discontinue the tear-off tabs. I was just wondering if there are others out there who don’t use them…

  9. I use them in my Trinote (thanks again Exaclair!!) and I plan on using them in my new Monthly 4–I LOVE them! They beat using paper clips, bookmarks, and binder clips by FAR!!

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