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Back in September, we gave away our first batch of foreign-language planners. Today, I’m pleased to announce that our next batch has arrived! This time, we’re giving away:

  • Chinese: Affaires Prestige (10x15cm), black Habana cover
  • Catalan: Affaires Prestige (10x15cm), red Soho cover
  • Czech: Affaires Prestige (10x15cm), black Habana cover
  • Hungarian: Affaires Prestige (10x15cm), black Club cover

We’ve also got a refill only of a gold-leafed Russian edition called the Note 16; it’s 16x16cm, if you don’t mind the lack of cover. (Or just make your own.)

As before, you’ll have to specify what planner you want when you enter. Unlike our previous drawings, though, we’re gonna ask you to fill out the following form instead of commenting. (And since the point of this drawing is to hook people up with a product they can’t find in their home countries, please don’t ask for a language that’s native to where you live!)

Enter by Thursday, November 17 at midnight EST.

Update: the contest is now closed; many thanks to all who entered! Click here to see a list of winners.

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