What’s on your stationery wish list?

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We’ve talked about office supplies; now it’s time to talk pens and paper… What’s on your stationery wishlist? I’d like another Pelikano since it’s a pen I find myself reaching for all the time, and a Duo Cover for my Space 17.

What about you?

9 thoughts on “What’s on your stationery wish list?

  1. I am expanding my fountain pen collection for now. I have three so far. I know, some people have hundreds of them. I love fountain pens, especially clear demonstrator fountain pens or any vintage fountain pen with flex nib.

  2. Ooh, I like that purple journal in your photo – what is it? You reminded me of something I need to put on my wish list: a Webbie. And I’m waiting for a Purple Ahab by Noodlers since the Nakaya is a bit too pricey.

    • Hi Ginigin, thanks for your comment! All the books pictured in the group are so-called Smooth Habana notebooks, which have a somewhat more flexible cover than the ordinary Habanas. They were a new product this year, and according to Karen, they didn’t sell, so they’ll be discontinued (though we’ll still offer smooth covers for some of our 2012 planners).

  3. The Daily Pocket diary format in the Notor size. I love the open format and monthly calendars of the Daily Pocket/ Journal 21 but prefer the Notor size.

    And I’d bring back the Clairefontaine notebook covers with what I call the “Natural History” patterns: leaves, scales, wood grain. I used these in grad school (geology) and their theme was perfect for my science studies. Plus I just think they are interesting and pretty. 🙂

  4. I’d like to have nice leather covers that fit the staple and clothbound Clairefontaine notebooks, especially the smaller sizes like 4×6. While I liked the forum covers, the notebooks themselves don’t get along with my fountain pens.

    And I’d REALLY like the pretty colors to come back for the Habanas. Some of the colors are nice, but I’d like some of the discontinued colors on the lined notebooks. It makes it so much easier to keep projects straight, not to mention the psychological boost.

    • The Sapa X covers fit quite nicely on the small staple- and clothbound Roadbooks, but it’s hard to find a retailer who’ll stock them independently of the planners. (Also, the covers aren’t real leather, but they’re still handsome IMO.)

      I’m not sure how much say we have over Habana cover colors, but I’ll certainly pass your comments on!

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