The steadfast familiarity of that day planner

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I’ve just begun Joshua Ferris’s Then We Came To The End, a hilarious and well-observed account of office life at an ad agency in Chicago in the nineties. After pointing out that Ferris is apparently a Rhodia fan (here’s a great interview about his writing habits), I’d like to share the following passage about a manager and his day planner:

Joe showed up to the double meeting carrying his day planner, which was predictable and annoying. We were irked by the steadfast familiarity of that goddamn day planner. Sometimes we almost thought we could like Joe if just one time out of ten he left that leather-bound diary behind at his desk. But no.

3 thoughts on “The steadfast familiarity of that day planner

  1. My husband probably feels something similar with my planners! I know sometimes he wants me to “think outside the book.” And yet, he benefits from my organization skills. I imagine he has a bit of a love-hate relationship with my planners!

  2. Hahaha my sister feels that way with me and my planner! I take it everywhere, and she just questions my need of it. But, sometimes, it is what gets me through my days, weeks, and semesters!

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