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It was Cecilia who called my attention to this newish feature of Rice Krispy treats — the premade kind — namely, you can write on the wrapper. I gather the idea’s pitched at moms, so they can include a note to their kids when they pack their lunch.

They aren’t the healthiest snack, and it feels weird to buy a premade version of something that’s so easy to make. (And that packaging: I know, I know!) Nonetheless, I haven’t had them since high school at least, so when I found myself in the right aisle of the Fairway the other day, I made an impulse buy.

As you can see from the image below, it doesn’t really work unless you’re writing with a marker. Pens smear, and pencils don’t show up. But a Sharpie did the trick nicely.

Beyond the novelty factor, the treats did serve to remind me of some amusing memories. (In my 7th grade Home Ec class, for instance, Rice Krispy treats were one of the first things we “cooked,” and the teacher had us all melt marshmallows on the stove rather than using marshmallow fluff. Two boys used a rubber spatula to stir their pot; it promptly melted right into the mixture.) However, I don’t have kids, and my husband doesn’t have a sweet tooth. So I’m guessing it’s a one-off indulgence.

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  1. I have a glass container by Frigoverre (the Fun-edition) with a little roughened-up label field on it to write a name (or ingredients) on it. It comes in different shapes and sizes.

    Writing on masking tape also works to label items in any type of packaging. Personally, I’m dedicated to minimizing garbage (especially plastics of any kind), recyclable or not, by re-using bags (i.e. for produce + bulk foods) and containers many times.

    Cute post though! It’s amazing how childhood customs have the power to influence our choices in adulthood, same with me!

  2. Yeah, this is most likely aimed at moms. I’m required by my child’s school to label all food that I send to school. The old Rice Krispie packaging was really hard to write on. I do all of my labeling with a Sharpie so I wouldn’t know if other pens don’t work or not.

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