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  1. There are a number of notebooks and journals aimed at bookkeeping/accounting/engineering that have numbered pages – but the numbering is often done via a separate print process and when dark ink is used, the numbers become the most prominent feature of the page, thus being quite indiscreet.

    The Leuchtturm1917 line seems to be the best answer to this – the numbering blends in – it uses the same ink, typeface, etc. as the other page elements.

    And, yes, I like the feature and find it very useful.

  2. Yes yes yes. I was going to mention Jottrr and Leuchtturm as page-numbered notebooks. (You can see reviews of them on my blog if you want more details.)

    Anyone in science needs page numbers on their notebooks, and an index page. Please don’t number ALL of your notebooks, but it would be really nice to have page-numbered options for field books, lab books, research journals and notes. These obviously would need to have sturdy covers since they will be archival records of research and will get heavy use.

  3. Yes I used to have to use page numbered notebooks at work to show you hadn’t removed any pages. So if you recorded something that you later found was incorrect you had to add a note and direct people to the page number with the correct results of the experiment or test you were carrying out.

    Auditors would check that the book didn’t have any missing pages. Each notebook was also given a serial number so it could be tracked.

  4. I number every page as I go. It would be nice to have it already done for me, but at the same time, I use the blank Webbie or Habanna which isn’t likely to be a version that everyone would want numbered. It would be nice just not that critical for my purpose.

  5. I do love my Habanas, but I carry Leuchtturms with me because they have page numbers and indexes. If you do paginate the notebooks, please add index pages, too!

  6. I would love to see more notebooks with printed page numbers. I often number the pages in my notebooks by hand, which quickly becomes a tedious task, so it would be very nice to have the numbers already printed on the page. And if the numbers were kept “discreet” and unobtrusive, then those who didn’t care for numbered pages could simply ignore them. Having unnumbered index pages at the front as an earlier commenter described would not really matter to me, but it would be a nice touch.

  7. Great idea. I’m currently using a Leichtturm as an ‘assorted observations’ notebook, and the numbers and contents page are excellent. The same features on a Habana’d make it nearly perfect.

  8. For certain projects, it would make it very easy to index. I’m not sure how often I’d deliberately use one, perhaps 1 in every 10, but page numbers wouldn’t bother me on the lined notebooks and I could ignore them if I didn’t need them. Just don’t make them distractingly dark if you try a run.

  9. It does make sense – though i’m not missing it right now in particular, it could make a nice addition.
    I number the notebooks I use for work (so I know which was before which), but numbering the pages always seemed like too much trouble. Having a pre-printed page number could be useful.

  10. There are several brands who already do this (Jottrr and Leuchtturm for example). I always number the pages in my notebooks, so I think it is a great idea – however I know people who really dislike their pages being numbered. If you do decide to number the pages on any notebook please, please leave at least two un-numbered index pages at the front!

      • Same! I never really wanted my notebooks to be numbered… I never thought about whether or not I even wanted or needed it! I generally know where what is in my notebooks, and start writing wherever I leave off.

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