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I spend a lot of time erasing since I am always adding and subtracting events and memos in my Sapa X Equology.   Always on the lookout for an alternative to my Pink Pearls and arrowheads (remember those from school!) I came upon these fun Japanese erasers at Pencil Things.   Made by IWAKO, my favorites are the whales, squid and fugu blow fish from “Sea Life.” The problem is… I would probably not use them to erase!

Click here to see more at Pencil Things.

4 thoughts on “Erasers

  1. The Japanese are “notorious” for making cute thngs, including erasers that look like they can be eaten! And yes, I’m like you – I won’t use them. Stick with the plain erasers, Karen, and save the cute ones!

  2. The Staedtler Mars plastic eraser has been my go-to for years…but for something more fanciful, check out the big erasers Cavallini & Co makes. Fun stuff! Wish I had more of ’em.

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