What’s your Halloween costume?

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The freak snowstorm kept me away from Halloween parties on Saturday, and since I’m too old for trick-or-treating, I’ll have to content myself with watching the local kids this evening as they make their rounds in the neighborhood.

Ordinarily, I love getting dressed up for Halloween. My costumes have ranged from the overly conceptual — in college, I wore slouchy pants and spoke reverently of Kurt Cobain and Quentin Tarantino as “Generation X” — to the questionably conceived (James Dean; but I couldn’t get my short hair to gel right, and my bicepless arms swam in my plain white t-shirt). Last year, I was an easier-to-identify Sherlock Holmes.

Do you celebrate Halloween? What’s your costume this year?

7 thoughts on “What’s your Halloween costume?

  1. I slick back what hair I have left, pull on my scarlet academic robe and sit outside with my dog. Before the kids get their candy, they must give Serena a doggie treat (I have a bowl on hand). Unhappily, Serena wags her tail way too freely to pass as a real devil dog….

  2. I used to never get dressed up for Halloween until last year when my boyfriend suggested we go as Smurfs! It was a hoot! This year he was an Airstream (and won best costume) and I was Ginger Spice.

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