The Quo Vadis planner hotline

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You look at pictures. You read reviews. If you’re still not sure which planner best fits your needs, you can always drop us a line and ask questions about the different formats that we offer. A reader from Massachusetts, for example, recently wrote:

I’ve been using a weekly-medium planner, but I need a larger planner with more space vertically–for each appointment, so I can have more room to write and to write bigger and not have everything squished together.

Our advice? Try a Trinote or Prenote, which both offer exactly that.

Got a question of your own? Email us, or post it in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “The Quo Vadis planner hotline

  1. I just commented on a different post about this, but here’s my question: I’ve really enjoyed using the Trinote, but I rely on a monthly view, too, for long-range planning. (For some reason, the vertical-columned annual planner doesn’t capture or provide what I need.) Is there either a bound insert, like the address book, that provides a clear and large-squared monthly pages? Or, how do you recommend using the downloadable/printable monthly pages that are on your website? I don’t love their look, nor the idea of inserting them loosely in the planner.

    Thank you so much for any help you have!

  2. Or, you can as our pretty pink ponies for our testimonials! We’ve been using Quo Vadis planners for years, and have tried different styles. We love their paper and can provide you with personal feedback!

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