It’s always the little things

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Wooden painted breadbin

Here’s an interesting idea from Unplggd on how to cut back on desktop clutter: the Breadbox Test.

Basically, you commit yourself to hiding away everything smaller than the proverbial breadbox. Things like pencils and paper clips get tucked into a drawer, while larger items like your drawing tablet, reference books or a potted plant stay seated comfortably in plain sight on your desk top and shelves.

Then again, my own desk is filled with small items I don’t actually want to put away (until I go to clean it, at which point I curse their tiny, dust-covered existence). I would never remember to take my vitamins, for instance, if they weren’t right there in front of me. Similarly, I like to see how my little mailbox man perches on my monitor, and I like the photobooth shots of me and my husband there, too. And cluttered drawers and boxes can be every bit as frustrating as a cluttered desk! Out of sight, out of mind, in my workspace.

How do you deal with desk clutter?

2 thoughts on “It’s always the little things

  1. In a previous life…when I worked for a living. I had to have a clear desk at the end of every day. The only things on my desk where phone, monitor, keyboard and mouse. All paper and files had to be cleared away.

    It was a good habit to get in to. I try to do the same now even and I’ve not worked for over 18 months (now semi retired) Now the only things left on my desk in addition to the above is my Filofax and may be a pen and pad.

    Try it for a week or two and see if you can do the ‘clear desk at the end of the day’

    Start each day a fresh and clear.

  2. I don’t know that I really deal with desk clutter. My desk at home holds my desktop computer and printer, so I don’t really have the room to spread out that I’d like to. At work I try to just keep my papers in one stack and my pens in my pen holder. It generally doesn’t stay neat for long, though. I LOVE mailbox man. I think he’s the perfect metaphor for the demise of the postal service!

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