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Unless you take the time to make your own planner, chances are there’s a thing or two about the one you use that you’d do differently. My question is, if you could make a mashup of your favorite planners, what would it look like? Which features would you merge, and why?

For my part, I’d take the layout of the Space 17 and replace its lined daily boxes with the blank ones of the Sapa X. I’d also lose the address book, since I don’t use it, possibly exchanging it for more notes. And if there were an unobtrusive way of enabling it to give me automatic appointment reminders, as my Outlook calendar now does… then we’d really be cooking with gas.

What about you?

3 thoughts on “Frankenplanners

  1. I’m not too sure as to how I’d mix and match, but before I start with the details – If the paper planners could remind us to look at them and remind us of our appointments, they would be perfect in and of themselves!!

    Anyway, I really love the notes freedom on the Notor, but I like the schedule option in the ABP/1. The ABP/1 also has notes sections, but I don’t think having 4 boxes/categories would look right or fit – which is what I’m doing in the Notor right now. I don’t know which one I want to try for this coming year… I might go with the Notor, just because it’s less expensive, and I’m a student…

    I would like for the address book/pages to go away, and get replaced with monthly views!! Monthly views give a nice big-picture view!

  2. I may have found it. An earlier blog post linked me to the ABP/1. I snagged one with an apple green cover. Up until now, I’ve been a Journal 21 kind of girl, but with the extended hours and space of the ABP/1 + my iPhone to keep my cloud calendar + the Rhodia weekly for purse/pocket backup, I think I’ve entered calendar nirvana.

  3. I’d want a weekly format with a notes page to the right. I agree with you regarding the ditching of the address book; there are too many electronic ways of storing contacts that are better. The addition of longer appointment views, say, quarterly or half-annual would be welcome, as would a notes section in a dot grid format.

    Also like you, if my planner could remind me of upcoming appointments, I’d be in the ideal world.

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