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I have been meaning to write about the ABP1, and the message I received this morning from Richard in Oakland, CA was a good prompt:

“I have used the ABP1 for over a decade. I love it because I enter phone messages/numbers on each page as I get them. It keeps a record of each day that helps me track mistakes and liability issues. There is also enough room to keep personal notes, etc.   Last year I had to have it shipped from Britain. Now I see you want to kill it. I understand the economics if no one is buying…but major disappointment if it is gone.”

Richard, here’s some good news for you!   The ABP1 is back on the Quo Vadis website with some retailers that have it available for purchase here in the U.S. – click here.

The ABP1 was discontinued in the U.S. in 2010 – meaning we took it out of our catalog and off our website.   And, yes, the sales didn’t make it feasible to continue a print run for us – we opted to go with the more popular daily, the Journal 21.

However, people who use the ABP1 are fierce and loyal fans, and stand by this edition.   In response to their requests, we have put the ABP1 back on the website – click here. U.S. retailers can also order it for their customers if requested.We do maintain stock at our warehouse in Hamburg, NY.   Quo Vadis Canada also has the ABP1.

In my mind, I fought for the ABP1 because it has two features particularly unique:   1) it goes from pre-7 AM to 10 PM.   It also lends itself to list-making. An ABP1 user- a park ranger in one of the western national parks – told me she used the appointments column as her daily list area.   And, as Richard mentioned, there is lots of room for notes and memos.

8 thoughts on “ABP1 – Daily Planner

  1. LOVE that I just found this planner. I thought it was discontinued. The name of it is strange and I REALLY wish there were monthly pages. No worries…I think I can add my own and then it will be perfect. Perfect size, perfect daily layout, full page per day (weekends too), thick pages. So happy!

    If you relaunched it with a “normal”, memorable name and added the month on two pages, I think this would be very popular. Thanks for keeping it.

  2. I need to order an ABP1 refill and can not locate it on your website although I have clicked on your ‘click here’ link a number of times and have searched. Can you please tell me where I can find this for 2014?

  3. Just purchased my first ABP/1 for 2013 and I’m already hoping it’s not the last! LOVE the fact the weekends aren’t shortchanged, the notes section is large and can be divided (or not) so it can be used a different way every day as needed, and most especially that the times run from 6 (if you use the lines before 7) until 10. Most things I want to record times for are not during my workday. AWESOME. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for making the perfect planner. PLEASE don’t discontinue it now that I found it! The perfect design combination of structure and flexibility. I did look at the Journal 21 – it’s just too open, and I’m not a fan of the green paper…and I don’t think the times run as long…

  4. I just purchased my 2012 ABP1 from Classic a couple of weeks ago – they are still around, so maybe there was a network issue when you tried. I am SO, SO, SO glad the ABP1 is not dead. It really is the only planner I’ve found that works consistently well for the way I work. I need the long workday (7-10), full pages for Saturday and Sunday, and room for lists is essential. No other planner has ever suited me as well as the ABP1 – thank you for keeping it going!

  5. That’s great news, Karen. Thanks for making room for earlier discussions about this really useful format. My memory is hazy, but I thought that this planner used to have pale green pages — white is an improvement! Is Classic Office Products no longer in business? I can’t seem to access its site.

  6. Oh wow! No wonder I didn’t know about this planner when I was on my search a couple years ago (more like year and half)!! I’m using the Notor, and I just love looking at QV products (it’s so fun! The products are so varied and gorgeous!), and I came across the ABP1 and was thinking, why didn’t I consider this before? But now I’m confused on which I want to use/try for this next year 😛 I did miss having a more flexible scheduler, but I feel that the notes section will limit me a bit more compared to the Notor. I may try it nonetheless!!

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