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We’re proud to have international fans, but we’re also glad to have globally minded followers here at home. That’s why we figured we’d do a foreign-language planner giveaway, so you don’t have to travel abroad to practice your dates and declensions. Here are the editions we’ve got:

  • German: Business with a black club cover
  • French: Business with a cherry club cover
  • Italian: Business Prestige with a brown club cover
  • Dutch: Business Prestige with a black club cover
  • Spanish: Business with a black impala (vinyl) cover

Note that I haven’t seen these editions in the flesh; the photo above was taken by our product manager, Cecilia. So while I assume that the European Business planner is a lot like our own, I’m really not sure. Prestige seems to have ivory paper, judging from the French website, while the other editions have white.

Ordinarily, we lump all our contestants together and try our best to accommodate winners’ preferences. This time, since people may only be interested in a specific language, I’ll ask everyone to specify what planner you want when you comment, and run each drawing separately.

So: to enter, leave a comment on this post before Thursday, September 15 at midnight EST, and be sure you let us know what language you’d like.

One last note… I know we have international readers on this blog, but since the point of the drawing is to hook people up with a product they can’t find in their home countries, please don’t ask for a language that’s native to where you live! If you’re in the UK and you want a Spanish planner, or you’re in Latin America and you want the Dutch edition, you are more than welcome to enter.

Good luck!

46 thoughts on “Win a foreign language planner!

  1. I’d like to enter for French one. I am Japanese and have moved to Vancouver, Canada. I can’t speak French nor find any French agenda books here. I have been using english and Japanese version of quo Vadis since junior high school and am absolutely in love with your agenda books! (over 10 years!). Since my dream is to study french someday, I would loooove to start using French agenda book!

  2. I would love to give the Spanish one to my daughter. High School Spanish just didn’t give her the immersive cultural experience she hoped for.

  3. Oh, my! I was just about to place my order for a French agenda when I saw this. French please! Also, it would be great if the Timer 17 Agenda refills were available stateside. Ordering international is a pain.

  4. Pleeeeeaaase consider me for the Spanish category!
    The Business size would be perfect for my needs as I need to carry my planner in my pocket on a daily basis!!
    Thank you for doing this give-away! 🙂
    PS: I live in Canada – no Spanish planners here as far as I know!

  5. I’m a German immigrant living in Toronto, Canada. I would love to see and use the GERMAN Business planner and be happy to write a review for a German planner-related blog since I’m a fan of the Quo Vadis line in general.
    Thank you for providing this unique opportunity;

  6. Hello, thanks for this lovely giveaway 🙂 I would really like to have the German one because I want to live in Germany one day so have been trying to learn German in my spare time!

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