What’s your favorite coffee shop?

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D’Espresso got me thinking about coffee shops… Some are comfortable places to work; others just a convenient place to refuel. Some are social spaces. Others transition into evening with food, wine, and music.

We’ve got a great cafe, Baked, here in Red Hook with all sorts of tempting sweets. My favorite cafe for reading and writing, though, is in Greenpoint: the roomy, unpretentious, and admirably named Cafe Grumpy. The Hungarian Pastry Shop, which has mediocre coffee and fair to middling sweets, but has a storied history, is also on the list, probably because I spent so much time there as an undergraduate. And then there’s Cafe Kandinsky, a favorite from my time in Vienna…

Where are your favorite coffee shops, either in the US or elsewhere?

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  1. Here in Margate Kent [UK] we gave a wonderful family owned bistro right on the Harbour Arm, it is called ‘BeBeached’, in the Old Town area we have the fantastic Cupcake Cafe and Cafe G which offers more mature sophistication. Our amazing new Turner Contemporary Art Gallery right on the beach has a fantastic coffee shop. Each has a different ambience and when the on shore winds are strong, at least one of them will always be sheltered for al freso coffee. Come and see!

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