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I just got a new pen — a Faber-Castell E-Motion that’s the happy consequence of needing to use some frequent flyer miles before they expired. I’ve inked it up with Cacao du Bresil and have been writing with it all morning.

Pictures and thoughts will follow once I put it to more use than just scribbling, but in the meantime, first impressions have me wondering about desk pens and pocket pens. With its chrome cap, this thing weighs nearly 2 ounces, as opposed to the quarter ounce of the Pilot rollerballs I prefer when I need to write on cheap paper. My other fountain pens are nowhere near that heavy, either, I guess because they’re mostly entry-level plastic models. (Even my steel-capped Pelikano is light!)

At any rate, the E-Motion is obviously going to be a pen that takes its position on my desk and doesn’t move much from room to room. It’s exactly the sort of fountain pen I never thought I’d want — the sort of pen that a younger, snider me would have called unnecessary and officious. Of course, now that it’s come into my possession, I’m far from unhappy to have it.

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