What Tastes Like Summer?

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For me, and probably many other people, different foods have come to represent different seasons or times of the year. For example, fresh apple cider, and a good crisp Macoun apple will forever be fall.   Winter is maple sugar, from all the sugar-on-snow parties we had as a little girl in Vermont.   Spring, the yellow “peeps” in my Easter basket.

But summer is a tough one, because so many things taste like summer.   This past weekend I tried to decide if fresh corn on the cob, raspberries or watermelon was the “one.” I couldn’t do it–they are all summer to me.     But the fresh hand-picked corn from Wesnofske’s Farm on Rt. 48 has the edge!

What tastes like summer to you?




7 thoughts on “What Tastes Like Summer?

  1. Juicy white peaches say summer to me! I literally spend the fall and winter months pining away for peaches while making do with apple after apple after crunchy apple. When peaches are in season, as they are right now, I’ll buy (or sometimes pick) several pounds of them of each week. The perfect peach moment is when you bite into a ripe peach and its sweet nectar dribbles down your chin and hand.

  2. Even before reading your post I thought: DEFINITELY WATERMELON!! (Local, organic, with seeds whose taste I love)
    Watermelon is a miracle to me. 🙂

  3. It used to be strawberries, or any sandwich with enough real beach sand in it to qualify as an ingredient. These days I would say giant tomatoes stuffed with rice and herbs, as that means I’m on vacation in Greece and ma-in-law is doing the cooking.

  4. Bingo! on the corn. Buttered Corn Day in Sleepy Eye, MN was the best summer event ever! Del Monte donated the sweet corn, the local creamery donated butter, and the city power plant would cook the corn in the steam vats. All we had to do was show up at the park with plates, napkins, and salt.

  5. Cherries.

    Good Humor Chocolate Eclair.

    Ham sandwiches and Maxwell House coffee, lots of milk and sugar. (What my grandparents used to bring on trips to Coney Island.)

    Italian ices.


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