Nice paper, good pen, deep thoughts

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I had to smile when I read Palimpsest’s recent post about handwriting:

There is pressure. G. Lalo invites me, nay demands of me, to perform not only my best handwriting but also to put down my best thoughts lest I defile with meaningless outpourings the ribbed writing surface, and what then? Erasure is of course impossible.

I, and I suspect many others, go through something similar every time I start using a new, non spiral-bound notebook… do I have a purpose for this notebook? Is this thought really worth recording? Once I’m a few pages in, the anxiety dies down, and I realize there are more important things than good handwriting and perfectly articulated ideas.

Do you have new notebook anxiety?

4 thoughts on “Nice paper, good pen, deep thoughts

  1. Wow, I thought this tendency was more rare, but YEAH! I have new journal anxiety every time I start one. In fact, sometimes I still have journal anxiety with blank pages of my beloved Rhodia Webnotebook.

    What is the notebook pictured here? It looks lovely! `

  2. Definitely! That is the responsibility of the writer, the call, the challenge to write better thoughts and ideas because that clean, crisp, blank page beckons.

  3. I hesitate with a new journal only because I make them single-use . . . if I start one to write short stories, for example, that will be the *only* thing I use it for. So I dither over what I want to use one for, but not about actually starting to write in it.

  4. Definetely! Specially when I’m breaking in a new, expensive or fancy journal. I feel pressure in that my everyday life is way to boring to write about. So many of my days are the same: “Got up, went to classes. Had lunch, back at classes. Came home, eat with fiancé. Sleep”

    It’s a good thing that, in those “dead” moments of the day (y’know, waiting in line for an errand, riding the bus, etc) my mind tends to wander. Like, really, lost in time wander. It always has, but I used to forget the thoughts in 5 minutes or so. Ever since I started journaling, I try to keep track of those thoughts, to write them later. They tend to be more insightful and personal.

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