Hurricane Irene

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Good luck to everyone on the Eastern Seaboard as Hurricane Irene heads up our way!  

I volunteer for East End Seaport Museum in Greenport, NY. We’re located  way out on the far tip of Long Island.  Because of the storm a  lighthouse cruise we had planned for Saturday was rescheduled for September 10th. Otherwise, we might have ended up a new version of “Gilligan’s Island”!

I am headed out to Long Beach Bar (“Bug”)  Light today with some  other volunteers to do an inspection and safety plan before we begin to land people on the lighthouse next month.   I expect it to be a little choppy even though the hurricane is not expected to be felt until early Saturday evening.   My neighbor in Greenport went through the famous “Hurricane of ’38” which is also known locally as the “Long Island Express.” At 78 – she gives us courage.   She also has a good sense of storms – and when to batten down, and when the weatherman is being dramatic.  

What’s your call on Hurricane Irene – a monster, or will it go east out to sea?

Again, I hope everyone comes through safely.

3 thoughts on “Hurricane Irene

  1. As of 7:30 PM Friday, my SWAG is that it will go ashore in the Carolinas somewhere and not do more than heavy rains North of the Mason-Dixon line. The winds are already starting to slow some, as is the speed of the storm center. It is, however, recurving (i.e. turning right) and could still run up the coast

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed that she isn’t as bad as they’ve been saying. I’m originally from Long Island and have been very worried seeing the storm track and the earlier dire predictions. Keeping my fingers crossed for you all!

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