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I do most of my writing in pencils, especially in my datebook where I have to erase a lot.

I discovered General’s Pencils at the art supply show in Phoenix.   Made in Jersey City, NJ, General’s Pencils offers writing and drawing pencils.   I ordered two boxes of Semi-Hex to use at the office and home.   Even though I am very attached to the #2 Ticonderoga that I have used since grade school, General’s is gradually replacing them. They are smooth to write with, and I like the grey of the line.   They also have a good eraser!

But for the life of me, I cannot figure out why a five-generation New Jersey-based company would have a Conestoga wagon on the box! Perhaps it is a 19th c. romantic notion of the pioneering spirit?

Any other General’s fans out there?   What kind(s) of pencils do you use to write or doodle?

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7 thoughts on “General’s Pencils

  1. I like General’s Layout #555 a lot! It puts down a very black line. Definitely worth a try if you’re into pencils. I also like the Blackwing and Blackwing 602.

    The 555 is a round pencil, so its appeal is a bit different from the Blackwings. Give one a try!

  2. Mine are “EnviroStiks” by Dixon without lacquer, natural rubber eraser and “sustained yield wood”. 12 for $2.76 from who knows where.

  3. Because of Rori above (hello Rori!), I too am a Blackwing 602 fan! A friend gave me a box of General Layout pencils, and they are wonderful. It writes a beautiful carbon black line like a dream — it’s slightly too thick for me to write in small print and doesn’t keep its point as long or as well as the Blackwing 602 but it’s wonderful for writing in larger spaces. I even journal with my General Layout pencils.

  4. I used different grades of General’s pencils for art. They are a great economical student alternative and work just as well as pricier brands — highly recommended!

  5. I don’t know about the wagon on the box, but Generals are my favorite pencil. They use very aromatic cedar, and sharpen perfectly. Most cheap pencils have off center lead, which does not sharpen properly. We go through a case of them every year. General is the oldest pencil manufacturer in the US, over 120 years old.

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