Do you own a tablet? Use a stylus?

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My husband got an iPad for Christmas, and one of the first things I did was download Noteshelf and buy myself a stylus. After the novelty wore off, I find I barely use it, though I do sometimes use the stylus to navigate — it’s more precise than my fingers.

Partly that’s because, well, it’s not technically my iPad. But partly it’s because I’ve never seen a stylus that comes close to being as comfortable to write with as a pen. The styluses I’ve seen all have a foam “nib” or a rubber one; I find the latter tends to splay less on the screen when I use it, but it still feels too fat for writing. Karen saw an ad online for an HTC tablet that comes with a more pen-like stylus. It seems like it’d be more comfortable, though of course there’s still the issue of how long you’re willing to rest your hand on glass while you write. For drawing and meetings and jotting down ideas on the fly, I can see it. But I can’t imagine sitting down to write a story or a journal entry.

Do you use a tablet or phone stylus? What do you do with it?

2 thoughts on “Do you own a tablet? Use a stylus?

  1. I find the problem with ‘writing’ on any type of screen is that there is a small distance between the tip of your stylus and where the surface of the screen is, unlike paper where the tip of your pen is on the surface of the paper.

    It’s this small distance on a screen that I find difficult to cope with, I don’t have true 3D vision like most people which doesn’t help I suppose.

  2. I have an iPad, and I do use a stylus. I started out with a rather expensive Ten One stylus, then found a bunch of cheapies on eBay (3 for $3, not bad).

    I didn’t care for them, but have found myself using the Monteverde One Touch Stylus Pen. I do like this a lot, and have been using it more and more. It’s just more accurate than my finger, plus I can write notes immediately.

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