Calligraphy in Quebec: Gestes d’encre

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We’ve featured the work of calligraphy artist Lorna Mulligan here before. Now through the 4th of September, she and fellow members of the Les Calmars calligraphy group are exhibiting at Carrefour Culturel in Baie-Saint-Paul, By way of preview, Lorna sent us the following two pieces, entitled L’océan and Le ciel (click to enlarge):

Of them, she writes:

My pieces are on handmade paper (Saint-Armand) using Herbin inks, sumi and gouache… All of my pieces for this exhibition are based on fragments of text taken from Victor Hugo’s Contemplations, a collection of thoughts, poems and reflexions, published in 1856. His evocative words conjure up images of nature and landscape for me, becoming gestures of ink.

Must be something in the air.

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