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Summer is prime vacation time, and though I was in Norway not too long ago, I’m already looking forward to our upcoming trip to Westport this August.

Growing up, my family rarely took vacations. We’d take trips to see my mom’s relatives in Wisconsin and my dad’s relatives in Germany, but while we often squeezed in vacation-type activities (Wisconsin Dells, museum visits, and sightseeing), and our trips took place during school breaks (my dad was a professor), it was never billed as “time off,” with the exception of a trip to Disneyworld one Christmas… during which Orlando was unseasonably cold and my mother suffered debilitating asthma attacks.

As a freelancer, I still have trouble with the concept of vacation, though I try to take them now. I’m sure I’m not the only one — work is so portable, job definitions have swelled, and you’re rarely in a place where it’s impossible to get in touch. It isn’t hard for me to refuse new work requests that come in when I’m on vacation, but it’s tough for me not to keep working on projects whose timelines simply spill over for one reason or another.

How do you manage vacations?

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