Friday review roundup

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Today we’ve got a take on the Habana that came up in the comments to a recent post, a review of J. Herbin ink, and some thoughts about handwriting and G. Lalo.

  • SheilaM on the ivory Habana: “Preferences are a funny thing… I want white paper for journals – and yet I was writing a letter to a friend on Crane’s stationery that is essentially the same color, with which, for correspondence, I am quite content.”
  • The Pen-Guin on Poussiere de lune: “A lovely purple ink that… reminds me of grapes… more like grape juice, actually.”
  • Palimpsest on handwriting: “Confronted with this exquisite paper I become reticent. There is pressure. G. Lalo invites me, nay demands of me, to perform not only my best handwriting but also to put down my best thoughts lest I defile with meaningless outpourings the ribbed writing surface, and what then? Erasure is of course impossible.”

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