Do you use multi-subject notebooks?

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The Writer’s Bloc post I mentioned in last week’s review roundup got me thinking about multi-subject notebooks… I used them in high school and, to some extent, college, but I haven’t cracked one in years, in spite of the fact that Karen has sent me a few very handsome examples. Instead, I usually write in one of my catch-all idea notebooks, or dedicate an entire notebook to one particular project.

Still, it strikes me that there are plenty of ways to use multi-subject notebooks at work or play… Different tabs for different clients, say, or different aspects of a single project. Different journaling subjects. One tab could keep track of storylines, another characters, another background research, and so on.

Do you use multi-subject notebooks?

9 thoughts on “Do you use multi-subject notebooks?

  1. i use way to many pages to simply have 1 of these books so this yr i am using a multisubject book (4 subjects) and using it as each section is a new term

  2. They’re great in theory (if I were still in school!!!), but I think I would find the number of pages in these Clairefontaine multi-subject notebooks to be too limiting. When I was in school, I would easily fill up half a regular multiple-hundred-paged notebook with just one subject, writing front and back. I also would prefer it to be lined. The graph are great for subjects like geometry, statistics, or finance where you might want to draw out graphs or charts, but I’m not a fan of note-taking on graph paper in general – my handwriting is too big and I feel restricted by the grid.

    I honestly can’t think of much use for them beyond a school setting. Everything at work now is done on computers (all of the companies I have worked for have issued laptops from day 1). But they are pretty…

    • hey.i have a prob..i have 8 classes on one day..and i really dont want to carry 8 registers around d college with do u suggest some kinda notebook? d prob with multisubject notebooks is that they r too limiting..n then if its gets finished for one subject i have to keep on buying new ones n d rest of the subjetcs r in the other one..basically i DONT want a heavy bag!! Please ideas anyone???

      • Hi Vibha, I would probably suggest you get a notebook (multi-subject or otherwise) with a three- or two-hole punch to carry with you during the day, then archive your notes at night in different binders. Some of our Clairefontaine notebooks have holes in them, though depending on where you’re studying, you might have trouble finding binders that fit — we use European paper sizing and the holes are spaced a bit differently than they are in the US.

  3. I used to use them at work for recording the details of different projects. A standard notebook used to get so cluttered and difficult to find information later on.

    I’ve since retired so I don’t have much use now for that type of notebook.

  4. I still use them for school (jr. College) Keeps me from having to carry multiples that load down my book bag and bend me over to compensate for the weight. I haven’t tried these, yet. I guess I ought to order a couple before fall semester starts.

  5. No, I don’t use multi-subject notebooks. Haven’t since I was in school. The wire binding is too annoying to put up with and there’s no real use for the sections in terms of what I use notebooks for.

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