Do you keep a scrapbook?

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When it comes to preserving special moments and memories, I am a very fitful archivist… I save old letters (but never sort them), throw photos into boxes and piles (but never organize them), and keep souvenirs in my office until they start to look cluttered, at which point I heartlessly toss all but the most meaningful items.

During a recent purge, I suddenly realized I could do something sensible with at least the flatter items I still have lying around: throw them into a scrapbook. The word has always annoyed me — it’s like “hodge podge,” but less fun to say — but the Clairefontaine book Karen sent me was nothing if not elegant. It’s a hardback, spiralbound notebook with alternating sheets of thick, lined white and dense, textured black paper, and though I gather from this photo that the idea is to paste pictures and mementos on the black and write descriptions on the white, well… that’s not what I did.

Instead, I used German bought “photo corners” (discreet, clear envelope stickers that hold photographs in place without damaging them with tape or glue) to secure pictures, restaurant cards, and other memorabilia to the pages in no particular order.

And I must say, I’m pleased with the result — a cleaner desk, an easily expandable system, and a book of souvenirs that tucks neatly into my bookshelf.

Do you keep a scrapbook?

2 thoughts on “Do you keep a scrapbook?

  1. Looks good, thanks for sharing.
    Had not seen your ‘mounting envelopes’ before so maybe they’re not available here in UK.
    Although I’m not into scrap-booking I do sometimes stick stuff in my A5 journal. For this I find that double-sided sticky tape works well … unless you need to remove anything later!
    Thanks for your blog. This edition might even convert me towards spiral bound from ‘proper binding’, but don’t hold your breath.
    Colin: Margate: Kent:UK

    • I, too amass memorabilia with intentions of mounting. It just always seems to take more time to complete than anticipated. That said, it sure makes the desk look nicer in the end! The whole scrapbooking industry now is all about “bling” with rather useless adornments all over the place. IMO, the point is the actual item being archived. At least there are several options on the the mounting methodology. The tapes are available in both regular and removable formulation. Photo corners come in various colors and clear – I remember when they were only black and gummed (the adhesive tasted icky). Even glue sticks have a removable variety. It is all rather handy when purging and filing. Added bonus: the products I have seen are available here in the states and also in the UK (search term = mounting corners).



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