Bastille Day ink giveaway

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Usually, we do a red-and-blue ink giveaway in honor of Bastille Day. This year, after finding some old bottles of the black ink that J. Herbin made for Victor Hugo (and remade in 2004), we decided to shake things up. We’ve got 8 extra bottles to give our lucky readers — cross your fingers, hope to win!

Remember, this is NOT a fountain pen ink, so Karen will include a Brause nib and holder with each prize.

To enter, leave a comment on this post before Tuesday, July 19 at midnight EST. As usual, we’ll select winners at random, then follow up via email to get everyone’s mailing address.

68 thoughts on “Bastille Day ink giveaway

  1. I love dip pens for writing and drawing, they are somehow more inspiring than any other pens. I haven’t used them in a while, but if I won this the first thing I’d draw is the bottle, it’s beautiful! Hope this isn’t too late, not sure how est and bst match up… fingers crossed.

  2. Haven’t won anything in a while….let me see if I’m lucky.
    Would like to have a try at dipping a pen…
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. Happy belated Bastille Day !! I love dip pens; however, I haven’t used one for a while. This ink would be such a treasure. Thanks for the contest. If I don’t win, I’ll become one of “Les Miserables”…

  4. An old ink, found hidden away on a shelf, coated with a layer of dust and waiting to be used… I feel quite Victorian right about now.

  5. I would love to try out this ink. I still feel that using dip pens are the de facto standard for writing and try to use them every time it’s possible. Still can’t find a black ink I really like, though.

  6. I should very much like to have the opportunity to try this ink—I should be even happier if you also found some old bottles of the blue ink, Roi Soleil, hidden away upon some dusty shelf.

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