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Karen asked this question over on Rhodia Drive, but we’d like to ask it here, too: would you like to see a Quo Vadis app?

Several Rhodia Drivers questioned the utility of making “just another notebook app,” and of course we understand that no app can replicate the feeling of pen on paper. How about a planner app? Something that’s laid out like your favorite Quo Vadis format, but syncs up with electronic calendars? Something that lets you write with colored virtual ink?

We’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions.

14 thoughts on “Paper, ink… apps?

  1. Yes, it would be great. Why haven’t you done it yet?! Especially one for the Samsung Galaxy tab so I can doodle in pen as well as type.

  2. I would love this! Haven’t found anything as good as QV in layout, and want to use it on my new iPad! Was searching for this exact thing on google.

  3. I was actually checking this blog to see if you have electronic/customizable planners! Just for the ease of writing in regularly scheduled items, instead of re-writing them each week.

    If Quo Vadis offered an electronic planner, I think it would solve a lot of issues people have since they could customize their planners. For instance, I’d add a full-day Sunday to my Trinote planner. Different colors of virtual ink or highlighters would be nice.

    I wouldn’t use it on a pda or phone, I would use it to fill out my activities and then print it out. Though I’m sure people who have smartphones would love it as an app. If you did offer it as printable version, I’d offer it as a disk with the paper included. 🙂

  4. If you make an app it would need a couple key things:
    1 sync with online calendars
    2. Allow multiple calendars to be displayed or hidden
    3. Support text, handwriting, pics, audio, links, video, maps, alarms, lists of all kinds ( this helps all info about a task or event stay in one app, which the app store is currently lacking an app that can do this)
    4. Swipe gesture and multitouch support
    5. Multiple pen, highlighter, marker styles
    6. A free form drawing function that allows scribbling or highlighting of all elements on a page ( with an undo function)
    If you could do all of these things it would be the best planning app out there by a wide margin

  5. @TubbyMike,
    My work has me tied to Outlook, so I have that synced with my iPhone. If there was a way to sync a Quo Vadis-style calendar app with Google/iCal/Outlook, I’d be set. My paper planner serves a project tracking/to-do list function. The electronic component helps with reminders and alerts. Like you, I’d like to have the save format in both places. 🙂

  6. @Ryan

    So, it only took Apple five goes to get a weekly view on iCal? Heh heh. Like you, I can’t wait either. Here’s hoping. Mind you, if the Rhodia app has a clean weekly interface to iCal, Google Calendar, whatever, I would still use it. I use a mash-up between paper (I prefer it) and smart phone (I need it) so to have an interface that looks similar on both would help my old and tired brain.

  7. I too use my paper planner to get away from the electronics, but I can see the benefit of a product catalog or shopping app.

    @TubbyMike, @Kate – I might be mistaken, but I think iOS 5, due out this fall, will include a weekly view in iCal for the iPhone. If this is true, I’m looking forward to it.


  8. Apologies for the typos on my last post. Sometimes I hate the autocomplete text function on the iPhone.


  9. Leah,

    If you’re going to a planner app, which is not a bad idea, then can you do a weekly calendar? It’s not just because I love my Weekly Manager (Space 24?) it’s also because the iCal app on the iPhone is just crying out for a decent weekly view. It has a list, daily and monthly view but Apple never bothered with a weekly view; an oversight in many people’s opinion.

    If you can make your app sync with WebDav it should sync with many popular on-line calendars including, I believe, iCal. Although, I may be wrong with the upcoming change to iCloud. I also think you’d need an Android version of the app, but as I don’t use a ‘droid phone, I couldn’t really speak to that.

    Thanks for giving us the chance to comment.

  10. My iPhone already syncs with Outlook. I use the products to get AWAY from the electronics. And if I’m shopping for products, I certainly won’t do it on those tiny screens.

  11. I loved the layout of the President and Septanote planners when I was in school and my early career. Since then, I have been all electronic, and long for the week at a glance “feel” of the Septanote or President. None of the electronic planners quite capture it.

    Android app, please! Syncs with Exchange or Gcal, please!

  12. I would love to see a planner app. I have been searching everywhere for an iPad app that replicates the look of a paper planner that also syncs across the interwebs.

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