Do you prefer textured paper?

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I read a Pen World piece about fountain pen friendly paper the other day (it’s not online, alas) and was interested to see what people like and why.

No feathering, no bleedthrough — those are givens, really. Another thing people felt strongly about was texture. Several sources voiced a preference for smooth paper, praising Clairefontaine and Rhodia because, as Pen World contributor Jil McIntosh explained, “The fine and extra-fine nibs I prefer just glide over them.” Others were partial to so-called “toothy” paper, particularly for correspondence (McIntosh, for instance, believes it’s more pleasant for the recipient to hold).

Which do you prefer?

12 thoughts on “Do you prefer textured paper?

  1. I prefer smooth paper, but paper with a very lightly textured surface can be nice for correspondence or for drawing. I love a good quality watercolor paper for drawing with fountain pens. The tooth provides a nice tactile feedback.

    But for most writing I like a vellum type paper that’s glassy smooth.

  2. I like smooth, but with a little tooth. I may be crazy, but I use Rhodia because it feels like it has a tad more tooth than the Clairefontaine stuff, which is glassy, really.

  3. Dear QuoVadis !
    I made an research about this subject by manufacturing a A6 cahier style notebooks with Clairefontaine Véline/Vergé 100gr., Conqueror Véline/WOW 110gr. and Cordenons Satin textured and fligran papers. My research covers 70 readers of my blog. I send 5pcs of notebooks to each reader for testing. Totally I send 350pc. of notebook. Because I need to produce a small fountain pen friendly notebook.
    Some results are;
    1-%85 FP addict people dont like the textured apers
    2-%100 People like so much the look and touching the papers.
    3-%100 People found as noble the look of textured paper
    4-%90 People declared that they need to use that papers with the pens other than FP.
    5- All people who liked textured papers with FP, uses wet FPs.
    6- All people who liked textured papers with FP, uses medium or Broad nib.
    7- The main disadvantage of FP with textured paper is the nib point not touching equally to the surface of paper.
    8- All FP people, they dont like the noise coming from the nib for the reason of paper texture.
    9- All people who liked textured papers with FP, uses very well rounded and polished FP nibs.
    10- All people who liked textured papers with FP, uses wet and homogene inks.

    Warm Hugs.

  4. I like both sorts of textures, but it does seem to depend on which pen and ink I’m using, too. Sometimes I prefer it when my fountain pens glide over smooth paper, but other times I enjoy the feel of textured paper like G. Lalo’s Vergé (especially for correspondence). And smooth paper can feel too smooth sometimes.

    I recently bought some Éclats D’or, Brin de Folie, and Toile Impériale and can’t wait to see how these slightly toothy papers will feel with my pens. They are certainly beautiful papers!

  5. Smooth – without a doubt. Textured paper can be interesting for a one page letter. After that, the novelty wears off. For anything more than one page, the smooth Clairefontaine paper is preferred.

  6. Rough paper can be unpleasant as a writing surface, but there’s a lot to be said for the slightly toothy. I like writing on heavy cotton-rich sketching paper or sugar paper – an interesting change from the glassy, heavily pressed fountain-pen-friendly stock.

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