Customized stationery

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I don’t write a lot of letters, and when I do, my box of pale blue G. Lalo correspondence cards tends to serve the purpose. To thank people for all the thoughtful gifts they sent for our wedding, however, I opted for a fast and simple customization. We live in a part of Brooklyn that’s called Red Hook, and there are images of, well, red hooks all over the place in a shout-out to neighborhood pride. My drawing skills are limited, but an eBay search unearthed a handsome rubber stamp in the shape of a fishing hook. A trip to Paper + Presentation in Chelsea was all it took to procure some red ink and some more blank cards.

And voila! Customized stationery:

Of course, I didn’t have the idea until after we sent a lot of people postcards from Norway, but it’s fun to think of all the other ways I can put those cards to use.

Do you customize your stationery?

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