A pencil sharpener for the executive suite

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One thing that caught my eye at the National Stationery Show was this amazing brass pencil sharpener. It’s part of a suite of fancy-pants office products made by Yonkers based Star Desk — though I don’t see it on their website — and while it’s not really my style, and I probably couldn’t afford it even if it were, it’s an absolute thing of beauty and very smartly made. The blades grind without effort, and the tray slides in and out smoothly when you need to empty shavings.

Bet it’d make for good conversation in a corporate boardroom…

3 thoughts on “A pencil sharpener for the executive suite

  1. I bought one of these at a flea market many years ago.
    It was in a box of assorted brass items.

    The other brass items in the box were:
    tape dispenser
    large paperclip shaped letter holder standing on a brass base
    3 large paper holder/clamps

    I think I paid around $20 for the box.

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