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I just got back from a two-week vacation in Norway — my husband and I rented a small cabin in the craggy Lofoten Islands. It was an amazing experience, and I’m excited to share pictures over the next few days and weeks. I’m also excited to report that for the first time in I don’t know how long, I managed to take a vacation without bringing my laptop!

Of course, we did have an iPad that we used to go online, read the news, and check email from time to time. But because the interface was so different, I didn’t actually feel compelled to respond to the messages I received, or to try to do any work. This was every bit as liberating as one might imagine, and while I can’t say I now relish the thought of dealing with everything that accumulated in my absence, I am so grateful that I was able to disconnect and focus on enjoying myself.

Do you travel with a laptop?

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  1. I have tried traveling without a laptop and found it difficult to keep up with work assignments (I’m a freelancer), but not impossible. It’s tedious to blog on my smartphone, but again, not impossible. I suppose it depends on one’s priorities for the trip. When I’m on vacation, I have no problem bringing my laptop and not using it for anything work related. I also don’t need to bring a bunch of other things so I guess I don’t feel as though carrying a laptop is a hardship. I pack really light, so in some ways I don’t have the concerns of someone who is worried about sacrificing technology for mobility.

  2. Adding a 2nd post to say – I recommend the smaller Habana notebook for a travel journal. 90 pages were almost filled in 11 days of travel, the pocket in the back permitted mementoes ranging from business cards to ticket stubs, and the paper was sturdy enough to press flowers as thick as orange blossoms without leaking through onto the fountain pen writing. And the smaller size will fit into jacket pockets and purse pockets. Wonderful product!

  3. Absolutely not! I recently returned from 11 days in Israel. I used my phone as an alarm clock and let it read me to sleep each night with an audio book. But it freed me mentally to journal and focus on what I was there for – prayer and meditation.

    Without the laptop, I could manage everything required for the trip into 1 small wheelie bag that fit neatly into the overhead bin, but was sturdy enough to be checked through.

  4. I just got back from 2+ weeks in Switzerland, Northern Italy and Munich and I will never travel with my laptop again. Too heavy. In the past I’ve tried a wheelie computer bag. This time it was a shoulder bag. Forget it. I’m rethinking my carry-on bag and technology needs next time. Lightness and freedom are my goals for vacations.

  5. Nope, no laptop for me. I have an iPod Touch that I use much as you use your iPad and, like you, I tend to find it’s useful for keeping in touch but that I don’t feel the need to respond as I would sat in front of my computer. It’s weird, things that I have no problem with on a computer seem so much more difficult on the iPod, and yet ther things are easier. O.o

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