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The National Stationery Show snuck up on me this year, and I didn’t make it out till Wednesday, the last day. Above is a picture I took of the Exaclair booth with my crappy point-and-shoot, and here’s a shot of some Quo Vadis products:

I’ll blog about specific items in the upcoming weeks, but for now let me share a lesson I learned this year: the last day of a trade show is a great time to attend. Exaclair doesn’t do this for logistical reasons, but plenty of other exhibitors offer great deals on all sorts of samples, since that’s preferable to boxing them up and shipping them back where they came from. I got two space pens for $20, along with some magnetic sticker thingies that I’ll give to my niece and nephew. I almost bought this super cool “perpetual calendar” from MoMA, but decided, reluctantly, that I didn’t really need it.

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  1. I’ve gone the past few years courtesy of my friend’s mom, who has a small online store. But we go on Sunday, and I think next year definitely I’ll be taking off on Wednesday to visit the exhibitors and see who would like me to help them pack less stuff. 🙂 Definitely a great haul, you must do a review of the space pens.

  2. They’ve been letting bloggers in for the past few years, Veronica – it’s the new media version of a press pass, though you have to apply in advance.

    I’ve long wanted to raffle off a pass on the blog, but the conference organizers said no because of the security risk. (It’s hard for me to imagine that stationery geeks pose a security risk, but still.)

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