Friends, fans, countrymen

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You’re on Facebook. We’re on Facebook. We should be friends — or fans — but beyond that, we want to know what you like to do on Facebook, and what you’d like us to do. Right now, we link to blog content and occasionally post random updates. (We do that on Twitter, too.) But there’s undoubtedly more to be done, and for a social media wallflower like me, who only got a personal FB account last fall and still doesn’t use it very much, it’s hard to determine what’s best. Do you want more random updates? Polls? Quizzes? Photos? Games?

Legally, I don’t think we’re allowed to run Facebook-only contests, but if you have any other suggestions, please write to us here or in the comments.

One thought on “Friends, fans, countrymen

  1. No I don’t think you are allowed to run competitions on Facebook, another firm did it earlier in the year and got themselves in to a right mess, breaking several terms and conditions.

    Best to just put a link on FB back to your own site and run it here.


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