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Eventually, we hope to see more people weigh in about the new ivory Habanas, but here are a few first impressions…

A first look: The indefatigable Brian Goulet publishes detailed text and video reviews of the ivory Habanas over at Ink Nouveau.

Beyond Moleskine: Kent Shaffer includes the Habana — along with Clairefontaine and Rhodia — in a post about non-Moleskine notebooks, sketchbooks, and journals at Church Relevance.

Hardware and pens: This isn’t really a review, but I was so impressed by StyloBug33’s new wooden pen-storage chest (which she pictures with a Habana and a Moleskine to better demonstrate scale) that I thought I would feature it here.

Happy Friday!

3 thoughts on “Friday review roundup

  1. Indefatigable! Wow, you could purchase a new Habana for the price of that word 😉 I must say, I’ve never been called that before, but thank you? 😀 Haha! Seriously though, thanks for reposting my video. I know there was a big hullabaloo when you announced the paper would change back in December, so I thought it would be important to let everyone know my ‘professional’ opinion of the change as soon as I got them in. I was a BIG fan of the white paper, and though I still miss it, I don’t think the quality of the paper in the Habanas has gone down in the least, and for many, the change from white to off-white, as well as the narrower ruling, is a good thing.

  2. I just received one of the lime, lined, Ivory Habanas and absolutely love it! It’s silky smooth to write on and a real head turner–no less than once a day someone asks me about the book!

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