Win a new ivory Habana!

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To celebrate the launch of our new ivory Habanas, we’re giving 10 of them away to our lovely readers. How’s that for a Monday morning?

Enter by commenting on this post before Wednesday, April 20 at midnight EST. As usual, we’ll select winners at random, and follow up via email to sort out mailing addresses. We’ll also do our best to accommodate your preferences in terms of blank/ruled, large/small, and cover color (you can see the options at our website).

125 thoughts on “Win a new ivory Habana!

  1. (Thats my original comment as I left also for first Habana ivory article. I imagine, there is an issue in commenting system)

    Dear Quo Vadis !
    Long times a go I was using Quo Vadis planners. Every year I was buying 2pc. of Quo Vadis planner. One was for my personal notes and the second one was for business. I wrote on it all my important corner stones events during nine long years while I am living in France.
    I am living in Turkey now and I have no connection with France for obtaining a Quo Vadis. I am a owner of a Fountain Pen & Notebook Review Blog in turkish as follows;
    2 Weeks a go I decided to introduce the Habana to turkish notebook addicts and to order it from AMAZON France. Seller refused to sell it for my country. I wrote to seller many times for asking it. This is a very bad thing which hurts my honor. Being a beggar for a Quo Vadis. A human who cant touch to Quo Vadis.
    Now Quo Vadis is my beloved who lives so far from me. But Its so fine to know she is still alive and beautiful

  2. As a fountain pen aficionado, I would LOVE to use my various colored inks on the beautiful cream Habana paper. If I am so lucky to win one, I probably would do better with a lined variety to “keep me on the straight and narrow”. And since you can already see that I am rather verbose, a large would be a wise choice. I would be thrilled to win one in any color or size. Thank you for the great offer. Keeping my fingers crossed…

  3. Ivory Habana — As usual you have exceeded yourselves — again. This is a simply esquisite creation — only hope Quo Vadis is in Heaven when I am called. A day without my materials is like a day without well—food. Thanks for making my life better —each day.

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