The new ivory Habanas

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I know this news isn’t going to be welcomed by everyone, but I’m nonetheless pleased to announce that our new ivory Habanas are finished and ready to ship. They’re available in both large and small formats, and lined and unlined 85g fountain pen friendly paper.

About the images above… ivory is a hard color to capture, and we haven’t had a lot of time to take proper product photos. To my eye, the paper is not quite as dark or as yellow as it looks here. Nonetheless, YMMV, and though my photographic skills are limited, I’ll post some shots that I took in my backyard tomorrow afternoon.

In the meantime, if you want to place an order, ask your favorite retailer, or try your luck later this week with our preview giveaway.

9 thoughts on “The new ivory Habanas

  1. Dear Quo Vadis !
    Long times a go I was using Quo Vadis planners. Every year I was buying 2pc. of Quo Vadis planner. One was for my personal notes and the second one was for business. I wrote on it all my important corner stones events during nine long years while I am living in France.
    I am living in Turkey now and I have no connection with France for obtaining a Quo Vadis. I am a owner of a Fountain Pen & Notebook Review Blog in turkish as follows;
    2 Weeks a go I decided to introduce the Habana to turkish notebook addicts and to order it from AMAZON France. Seller refused to sell it for my country. I wrote to seller many times for asking it. This is a very bad thing which hurts my honor. Being a beggar for a Quo Vadis. A human who cant touch to Quo Vadis.
    Now Quo Vadis is my beloved who lives so far from me. But Its so fine to know she is still alive and beautiful

  2. Inks looks great on white paper, but ivory can provide a great background too for inks. I will be eager to see what these are like.

  3. I’m looking forward to these – I myself don’t mind ivory paper, and the 85g ivory Habana I picked up recently is a pleasure to write on. I’m looking forward to some different colored covers, just for fun, so I hope to see these on shelves soon!

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