Macaron mania

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two macarons gone

When it comes to making sweets, I’m more of a jam-and-granola-bar gal, but I’ve heard so much about delicate, puffy French macarons that I’m thinking about breaking my stride. Murielle, my French counterpart, blogged about them in October. Cecilia, our product manager, told me about the number of new Laudree outlets she saw on her last trip to Paris. And suddenly I found myself recalling a grad school party where someone splurged on macaroons from the Silver Moon Bakery, which were tiny and delicious.

This being New York, of course, someone has to call the trend and make the rest of us feel self-conscious. No matter. Have you made macaroons? Were they worth it?

3 thoughts on “Macaron mania

  1. I love that this lovely picture is directly under the phrase, “Tools for Creative Minds”. I definitely think macarons fuel creative minds!

  2. I was told by a local baker who sells them that they’re very difficult to make, because you have to time the drying and applying of the center icing accurately. They’re delicious though, and they come in a number of flavors, so if you try one and don’t like it, the reason might be the flavor! I find pistachio, coffee, and chocolate work the best; raspberry looks cute but doesn’t taste as right to me.

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