Concrete and cream: Habana pics

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As I mentioned yesterday, I’m not happy with the images we have for the ivory Habanas, so I figured I’d post a few of my own. In my opinion, the color is more cream-like than ivory, and very unobtrusive. I’m hoping that comes through in the admittedly imperfect photos I took on my deck the other day…

I know a lot of you are concerned about how your colored inks will appear on this new paper. I’m more partial to muted shades myself, but I broke out some Rose tendresse and it popped as brightly as ever. What didn’t pop was my picture, but hopefully this will give you an idea of how different colors behave:

For the sake of speed, I used a glass dip pen to do these tests, but it’s nonetheless worth noting that there wasn’t any bleed-through.

14 thoughts on “Concrete and cream: Habana pics

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  3. Good job on correcting the white balance—your ivory in these photos looks much more appealing. Thanks for the ink demos, too. I’m heartened to find and see paper and pen fans. Much as I welcome technology, I loathe the thought of losing fine paper, notebooks, pens, and like-minded people (even if only online, ironically).
    Cheers from Alaska

  4. This is the first time I’ve heard of Habana. I’ve been a strict Moleskine fan for years. I’d like to try one. Will see what’s in my area, or I’ll order one.

    This is my first visit, but I’ve bookmarked for future visits. Looks like I’m in for some interesting catching up. There are lots of interesting topics. I’m sure to learn a lot here.


  5. What’s the ruling? There’s no way that’s still 8mm ruling (like the old ones had for the large ones). The large ones used to have 8mm ruling with 26 lines per page, and the small ones had 5mm ruling with 28 lines per page. I’m assuming we’re looking at the large version in your pictures here….doing the math at about 9 inch tall sheets (228mm or thereabout), with 40 lines on the page in the picutre, that’s just under 6mm ruling, quite a change! I know we had a LOT of people asking us about narrower ruling, so there will be a lot of folks happy about it. But for those that were die-hard fans of the old versions, this will be yet another nail in the coffin!

    I think these pictures of the paper are MUCH more appealing than yesterday’s post, they looked almost bright yellow to me before! I like the subtle cream and think it’ll be nice. And I’m encouraged that will a glass pen you didn’t get any bleedthrough on it, as dip pens are more prone to it than most fountain pens. I’m VERY eager to get them in my hands!

    • Hmmm, you know, I never used the large-sized old, so I can’t make the comparison — I’ll ask Karen. The ruling you see here is indeed just under 6mm (5.5 according to my ruler). I’ll find out the official measurement, though, and post it here.

  6. Hmm, on this photos I can see that new Habana does not lies flat!!! Is it construction the same like old one?

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