Update on the ABP/1

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Thanks to all who weighed in on our post about reviving the ABP/1. As it turns out, the format is still being printed for sale in Canada, and I’m pleased to announce we’ve made sure that it’s also still available for sale in the US.

New Jersey based Classic Office Products is one retailer who carries it, and you can always call our offices to locate other outlets. (Or just ask your favorite retailer to place a special order.)

It’s also back up on our website. Unfortunately, though many of you suggested it, we can’t change the name at this time, though we’ll certainly bring it up at our next North American meeting.

2 thoughts on “Update on the ABP/1

  1. Make sure Goulet Pens knows about this. I keep defaulting back to the Journal 21 format for size and space to write notes, but that’s mostly because this format was apparently defunct by the time I came along.

    I prefer the round corners on the 21 and I hope the paper is FP friendly, but being able to scan appointments down the left side of the page is much like what I end up doing with the Journal – when I have time to be tidy!

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