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From Notebook Stories comes this post about the three notebooks every writer should keep: a morning journal for capturing your first unfiltered thoughts, a writer’s notebook for sketching out story ideas, and a pocket notebook for portability.

I have a few writer’s notebooks, most of them portable, and all of them catch-alls that serve everything from jotting down bits of dialogue to storing phone numbers I need to keep track of. The idea intrigues me, however. Do you use specialized writing notebooks? How do they break down?

5 thoughts on “Specialized writing notebooks

  1. For my writing, I just keep it all in a journal size circa that I carry around and I write everything in it, different pages depending on what I am writing. Then when I get home, I put them in the appropriate binders- Ideas, reserach, and current work (after I type it for this one). That way I don’t have to carry multiple notebooks around.

  2. I try to keep my notebooks organized (sort of). I have one that I carry with me everywhere, and it’s for everything that occurs to me during the day. Grocery lists rub elbows with story ideas and plot adjustments; notes from professional meetings are circled with doodles. Then I have journals that are dedicated to certain longer projects–I try to keep these organized by color (one color per project, if it’s going to fill more than one notebook). I’m also saving one particular journal for a travel journal this May, though when the trip is over, the journal will likely become one of my “everywhere” journals.

  3. I carry a tiny little pocket notebook for notes, reminders, shopping lists, and suchlike. I have a full-sized journal for SERIOUS JOURNALING. Sketchbooks for sketching. Another journal for cursive writing practice (I print in my main journal, cuz my cursive handwriting remains atrocious despite practicing). Another journal for my pitiful attempts at poetry. A notebook for keeping track of maintenance on our two vehicles. Another to track major work done on the house. Another for capturing those little snippets of inspiration that may or may not turn into short stories, poems, or longer works. Several blank-book type things wherein I write my stories.
    I think that’s it . . .

  4. I do use several different types of journals and notebooks. I always carry some sort of pocket notebook for general notes and as a catchall. I also have an everyday journal, one journal for each of my two sons, a spiritual journey journal, a personal journal and a writing journal. Too many? I have to do something with all of the notebooks I have. Nr

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