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There’s nothing like major life events — marriage, death, children, too, I imagine — to cause the kind of chaos that swallows time whole. You make lists. You try to stay organized. You still scramble and forget your commitments, forget you’ve even made any commitments in the first place. It’s not just inattentiveness; it’s like the information is suddenly sent to a different part of your brain.

I got married this past weekend, and while wedding planning was hectic and fun (the event itself passed in a blur of excitement, elation, and nerves), I am very much looking forward to recovering a more ordinary pace of life! Once I’ve caught up on the errands and emails that have accumulated over the past weeks, that is.

Anyway, enough about me. It’s spring, and there’s plenty of interesting news, artwork, and products to share and discuss, so… watch this space, and thanks for your patience.

7 thoughts on “On time

  1. Great news Leah, congrats and many, many happy years ahead for you and your spouse. It’s been 27 years in May for my wife and I and I would never want to change anything about the 27 years. I hope you’ll be as happy.

  2. Congratulations on getting married. Why though are you back on line so soon? Surely you should be on your honey-moon.

    I love the golden sunlight in the mornings at the moment.

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