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An ad in the Wall Street Journal (March 25) stopped my morning skim of the paper: “It’s not from the future. It just acts that way.” The ad was about HTC’s “Thunderbolt” smart phone for Verizon. It caught my attention for two reasons – I just got a similar HTC Inspire from AT&T, and in the ad the phone’s owner is drawing and writing in a graph paper notebook!

I turned the page, and there’s an ad by Starbucks, “How do you have your cappuccino? Introducing Cocoa Cappuccino. Handcrafted by us. For you.” Right next to the cup is an open notebook.

I have not seen organizers or planners in the Wall Street Journal for at least five or six years, and don’t recall seeing a notebook or journal, either. But on that morning I saw two notebooks in one edition! It gave me continued hope that paper notebooks and journals will co-exist with increasingly sophisticated electronic devices.

Are paper notebooks and journals making a comeback? Do you still carry around a notebook?

5 thoughts on “Notebooks in Ads

  1. The question is not whether I carry around a notebook, but which ones and how many. And by the way, I just acquired the phone in the ad that you saw. It’s a great device, very capable, etc. But it can’t elicit deep thought the way pen and paper can.

  2. I’ve always carried a notebook and still do. I agree that they never really went away. I love my ipad and my iphone but I feel lost without my trusty notebook. If there was ever a fire, I’d grab my notebook over my apple devices. They can be easily replaced but my journal cannot.
    The thing about electronics is that they are always trying to perfect them and by the time a generation is over, they become obsolete and the future generations don’t have access to the information in them. They will always be able to read a notebook.

  3. I believe that there is a swing back towards traditional writing devices because newer generations always want to be different from their parents. I think that people get burnt out by all of the technology that surrounds them and want an escape. Of course I carry a notebook, both on my person and in my bag, and I can’t see them ever really going away. Nr

  4. I really do believe that the notebook is making a comeback, although as Steve said, I don’t think they ever went away. But I think that the notebook is becoming more mainstream, even somewhat of a fashion accessory these days. You see Moleskine notebooks in the shirt pockets of models posing for well known fashion brands. As you said, a notebook is used in a Starbucks ad – it’s becoming something that screams intellect. And who doesn’t want to be perceived as an intellectual?

    A few years ago, the hype was the newest electronics and the modern world. Now, the hype is the newest electronics accompanied by nostalgic elements, such as pen and paper, vintage clothing, vintage items in general. Perhaps with all the modern things making life so much easier for us, we have time to sit back and ponder about the old days, bringing back a desire to sit with a cup of tea and write in a notebook with a nice fountain pen.

  5. Karen,
    Like the Filofax… did they ever go away.. I don’t think so, certainly not in my life. I use both as much now as I did 20 years ago, in spite of having numerous electronic devices.

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