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I’m an erstwhile Sapa X user, and I never really knew what to do with the blank pages that precede the start of each month. Occasionally I’d jot down notes, but I wasn’t systematic about it, and I rarely referred back to them afterwards. Maybe that’s due to the unsystematic way in which they appear? Because some months start towards the beginning of the week and others in the middle of one, the Sapa X’s two blank pages sometimes face one another, and other times are formed by a single, blank front-and-back sheet.

In any case, judging by one email we just got, I’m not the only one who doesn’t know what to do with them:

I’ve been buying Sapa X for years. I really like this planner, but I never use the blank pages that occur now & then, so I cut them out. It would help if you made them easily removable, using the little holes that you use to make the bottom corners easy to remove.

Of course, that wouldn’t be possible unless each blank page was exactly that — a single page, front and back — otherwise, you’d tear out part of a planning page, too. But it’s definitely an interesting suggestion. Are there any other Sapa X fans who would like to see us implement it? Or people who’ve figured out how to incorporate the blank pages into their planning routine?

Let us know!

3 thoughts on “Blank pages and Sapa X

  1. I don’t use the Sapa, but I find blank pages in other books such as the Journal 21 end up being wasted space because of their placement. I forget they’re there, but crave pages at the end, which is why I end up shoving the large size PostIt sticky notes in the front so I can put my notes where I’ll see them quickly. Unfortunately, they have a tendency to fall out, but the elastic book mark gadget [can’t recall the name] works wonders for holding the whole mess together when it’s in my bag.

    I like the idea of perforated pages so they can be pulled out and filed, handed to others, or discarded. After all, how many times do we end up butchering our calendars to jot a phone number, address, or directions on part or all of a page to hand it to someone because it’s the only paper handy?

    Glad to see the new Notes removables available for some sizes. At last!

  2. What if all the pages were micro-perforated near the spine? Notebooks with this feature don’t usually have pages that rip out too easily, but they CAN be taken out neatly.

    This way, people who wanted the paper could leave it in, and people who wanted to NOT have it could remove it neatly (and invisibly).

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