Karen and the Skin Project

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A few years ago, Karen participated in artist Shelley Jackson’s Skin Project, a story that was “published” word by word in tattoos on the skin of volunteers.

Now, Jackson’s piecing together a reading from videos of those volunteers. It will be hosted on the Berkeley Art Museum’s website starting on March 1. In the meantime, here’s a video I took last week of Karen saying her word.

Karen will be posting her own thoughts and experiences soon. If there are any other words out there who’d like to share their stories, please get in touch!

One thought on “Karen and the Skin Project

  1. Starting with my spouse, everyone I know was flabbergasted that I volunteered to have a word tattooed on my body. My teenage son opined: “Mom, that’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever.” (Huh? What other weird things have I done?!)

    I still don’t know exactly why I did it, but I do know it appealed to me as something I wanted to do for myself. I felt encased in the urban professional mold, and it was a way to break out, or break free.

    I love books, and words. It appealed to me to really be part of a book–a living word. And finally, I thought it would be a tremendous spiritual experience to be connected in such a way to other people.

    The experience of being tattooed was also a spiritual experience. I do feel marked in a special way.

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